Taliah Trading & Industrial Co

The company is considered one of the largest decoration companies in the Kingdom specialized in the field of manufacturing and selling decorative products. It has an excellent reputation in the Saudi market for its quality and plurality of products.The headquarters of the company is located in Riyadh, in addition to having showrooms and factories equipped with the latest equipment and machinery in each of the main cities of the Kingdom, such as Dammam, Jeddah and Buraidah, which provide the highest levels of quality in re-manufacturing products for interiors, false ceilings and floors in multiple colors that suit all tastes and characterized by being waterproof and scratch resistance in addition to the stairs characterized by their open and spiral shapes that provide a large area, which makes them add an aesthetic and modern touch. The company also provides the market with wooden and metal curtain and sliding doors.

Tel # +966 11 2702630

Email: info@taliahgroup.com