Andalus Holding Company - consist of several companies (commercial - industrial - investment)

The company has more than four decades of experience in the field of trade, industry and investment, which made it gain its strength as a major reliable group in the Kingdom and enjoy high credibility among its customers in the market.

The company is mainly divided into two sectors (commercial and industrial):

In the commercial sector, the company has a wide network of exhibitions and showrooms spread throughout the Kingdom.

The company is still continuing its expansion plans to establish companies through acquisitions and mergers as well as partnerships with international companies. Andalus Holding Company also contributes positively to the Saudi economy and participates in realizing Saudi Vision 2030, in addition to taking responsibility towards the Saudi society by involving Saudi youth in the industry.

In the industrial field, the company has several production factories. These factories are spread in many countries, namely (Saudi Arabia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Turkey), which employ thousands of employees and engineers.


1971 - 1999

Al-Andalus Holding company had started for more than fifty years ago in the field of manufacturing and selling glass, aluminum accessories, aluminum profiles in the Saudi market and for its constant keenness to put forward and offer the best options to meet the needs of consumers. To keep up with the growing and diverse demand it has directed to all industrial and commercial fields which supporting the local market and expansion through opening Granada aluminum factory for manufacturing doors and windows. Granada factory is specialized in the field of aluminum sales and accessories, how to meet the internal standards, and how to deal with different challenges. Also Al-Andalus Holding company kept pace with the development in the aluminum industry in the world whereas it is one of the first companies to introduce (Ral) colors in the Kingdom and Gulf countries as well.

2000 - 2015

With the development at the beginning of the new millennium, Andalus Holding Company developed goals and policies in its national development plans, heading to further expand by opening Andalus Glass Factory Company, which is one of the most important companies in Saudi Arabia for the sales of raw glass which is used in architectural purposes , also the factory provides the market with all kinds of glass, whether the glass is local or imported, as well as the opening Cordoba Palaces contracting company, which is characterized by being fully equipped to manufacture and install glass facades for various uses, manufacture and installation of all kinds of aluminum automatic curtains , stainless iron works, installation of glass, sliding doors and revolving doors using advanced equipment and tools. In response to the growing desires of customers, Andalus aluminum extrusion factory was opened to extrude form aluminum. the factory is considered one of modern factories in terms of the method used to extrude the aluminum and produce all simple and complex profiles of aluminum, also provides a great diversity in the construction, industrial and commercial profiles and decoration profiles as well as it contains the latest equipment in the fields of extrusion that conforming to international specifications and standards This factory is based on a team of engineers, supervisors and technicians with experience

2016 - 2020

In order to achieve leadership locally and regionally and to be distinguished in providing the best solutions, Al-Andalus company for smart doors and elevators was opened, the company was specialized in several activities, the most important in which it is specialized is the field of automatic doors and innovative elevators, such as home elevators designed without machine room and without any drilling or electrical work. In particular, it seeks to develop the services that provided continuously to satisfy the customer and expand future aspirations. To improve the quality of life and protect future generations, the investment was made in Al-Andalus Paper conversion company by increasing reliance on clean energy, mitigating the effects of oil, protecting the environment and supporting the Saudi Green Initiative under the auspices of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Our engineered designed paper products represent excellent alternatives to wood and plastics in areas such as industrial packaging, transportation and many smart alternatives that have not been offered in the past, helping to shift from environmentally harmful materials to 100% recyclable products.


Al-Andalus Holding company aspires to achieve the common goals with Saudi Arabia's vision 2030, which is to make the most of the potential of young people and develop cadres through programs supported by the government that the labor market needs and join programs supporting the private sector such as the program (supporting small and medium enterprises) and contribute to its growth, stability and success of its business, to raise the quality of services and its diversity. We also aim to open branches and other markets in different regions around the Kingdom and employ the people of the country after rehabilitation and training them in the labor market to support national human resources and enable citizens to work in an environment based on justice and equality between men and women in various fields. We are also seeking to complete the construction of one of the largest factories in the Middle East with an area of 30,000 square meters for Granada Aluminum Factory Company in order to support Saudi industry and economy and look forward to exporting our products abroad.



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