Al Andalus Trading Co

Al-Andalus Trading Co.

It is one of the main companies in the Saudi market in the field of trade in aluminum sectors that are used in the manufacture of windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, cladding, structural glass, and advertising boards, raw glass and accessories, stainless steel and its accessories, adhesives, silicone and putty, shutters blades motors and others. In addition to its own brand, ATCOo, which contains windows and doors handles and hinges, screws, blades and glass accessories through a wide network of branches, showrooms and distributors throughout the Kingdom. The company trades twelve thousands of multiple varieties.

Brief about Products:


ATCOo is the registered trademark of Al-Andalus Trading Company and includes a wide range of Aluminum and Glass Accessories, produced by international companies.


Fapim produces window and door accessories. These accessories combine innovation and ease of use. Fapim products bear the Italian quality mark. The company is proud that its products are 100% Italian.


3M products are adhesives and synthetic tapes. Synthetic tapes are part of the synthetic business group of 3M products, but the products are not limited to tapes and different types of adhesives, such as construction adhesives, cylindrical adhesives.


GEZE products for doors and windows systems and services solutions. We are a major driving force behind digital networking of building technology - with one goal in mind: to develop comfortable buildings. Our smart products impress our customers all over the world by virtue of their workmanship, convenience and design.


For 40 years, Somfy has developed its expertise in automation solutions for building opening and closing. Somfy is the world's largest company that manufactures, designs, produces and markets motors with automatic shutters slates control.


Phifer is the largest producer of Aluminum and Fiberglass insect netting products in the world. Its products also include a wide range of innovative woven fabrics. Phifer products control the sun's rays from the inside and outside, and limit the heat in the windows installed in both commercial and residential places.


Comenza is a European company that specializes in developing exclusive, secure and easy-to-install railing and railing systems for construction projects in residential, hotels, commercial, institutional, health, educational, sports and other areas.