Al-Andalus Glass Factory Co

Al Andalus Glass Factory Co.

We have opened other glass factory specialized in frameless glass in the 1st Industrial Area in 1999. In 2017, mega renovation has been made in the company from all aspects; management, machinery, buildings, manpower and Glass trading division was added. Thanks to this brilliant vision, Al Andalus Glass Company is one of the leaders in glass processing and trading market now.


The Saudi Market is one of the biggest immerging markets in the world with promising potentials and big needs, this fact requires a professional companies with high standards and clear vision. For this, Al Andalus Glass Company is looking forward to be the leader in glass integrated business which includes trading, processing and decorating. Also, Al Andalus Glass Company is contributing positively in the Saudi economy and participate in achieving 2030 vision besides taking responsibility toward Saudi community by involving Saudi youth in the industry.


According to our ambitious vision, Al Andalus Glass Company didn't hesitate to heavily invest in glass sector whether in machineries or human capital to Provide all types of architectural glass within world standards using latest technologies and best hands. Also as a trader, maintaining excellent chain for supplying Stock sheets with most competitive prices to keep our partners work flow smooth as possible. We are Opening new channels in the market and expanding the service to cover more segments alongside bringing new innovative products to the glass field.

Our Divisions:



Located in Second Industrial Area (Riyadh) over 9000 m2 of the factory. Combined with Al Andalus Glass head offices. The factory has been renovated in 2017. The factory is equipped with the most sophisticated technologies and European production lines starts from fully automated storage management system, fully automated cutting line, fully automated doubling line, modern tempering line and modern quality control department.



Located in the First Industrial Area (Riyadh) over 2500 M2 of the factory area. The factory is specialized in all single glass processes including Cutting, Tempering, polishing, drilling, holing and sand blasting .in addition to IGU units for Simple combination. All these processes done by European lines.


Our Products and Services

Laminated Glass
Double Glass (IGU)
Framless Glass Single
Sand Blasting
Water Jet
Argon Glass